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Estimated delivery business days. Format Paperback. Condition Brand New. Description A page-turning thriller with a heroine you'll identify with and a killer you'll be terrified of, by New York Times bestseller Lisa Jackson. He's been waiting for this very moment.

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With every kill he can feel her getting closer. Very soon - just a few more victims to go. All he needed was the girl, Dani, and now that he has her, his plan is in motion and no one can stop it. The police don't believe Shannon Flannery when she says someone is out there, watching her, trying to kill her. The only person on her side is Travis Settler. Only Son. Kevin O'Brien.

His son, Sam, is bright, considerate, and devoted to his dad. Sam is growing up, asking questions, increasingly suspicious that the life he believes in is a lie.

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But with that knowledge comes dread. Because when someone has risked everything to create a family, how far will they go to protect it? Book 5. And his estranged wife, Rainie Conner, gone, leaving no clue to her fate. One man knows what happened that night. Adopting the alias of a killer caught eighty years before, he has already contacted the press. His terms are clear: he wants money, he wants power, he wants celebrity.

Similar ebooks. See How She Dies. The Hotel Danvers looms high above the narrow streets of Portland, Oregon.

Imposing and ornate, the Victorian building hides its share of dark secrets—as does the family that owns it—in this chilling novel from 1 New York Times bestselling author Lisa Jackson. London Danvers disappeared almost twenty years ago. Over time, many women have claimed to be the long-lost heiress.

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Adria Nash is the latest. But from the moment Zachary Danvers sees her, he believes Adria is different. For another, Adria knows personal details only London could have known.

She has no memory of the abduction, and confronting Zach is the only way to get answers. Yet she feels a deep sense of dread. And Kat Danvers fell to her death under suspicious circumstances soon after. If Adria really is London, she stands to inherit a fortune—but will she also become a target?

Fatal Burn : West Coast 2

Adria is right to be afraid. Because someone does believe her. Someone who has killed before and is watching her every move, waiting for the right moment to see how she runs. Dear Reader, In the early s, I visited eastern Oregon for the first time. Inspired by its breathtaking scenery, I wrote Love Letters, a trilogy about a town called Rimrock--whose secrets come to light when the patriarch of its wealthiest family is murdered.

Now here it is, collected in one volume, with a new cover, and a new title, Revenge! Over the years, Jonah McKee acquired vast wealth, power, and an unsavory reputation. Though his fatal car crash is ruled accidental, his widow is convinced otherwise and begs her children to find the truth. Eldest son Max knew his late father could be manipulative, but a letter found among Jonah's possessions shows just how many lives were subject to his meddling.

That list includes Max's brother, Jenner--rodeo rider and rebel--who is confronted by a confession that changes his life.

Fatal Burn by Lisa Jackson (Paperback, 2007)

But even while the siblings reel from new revelations, stubborn, beautiful Casey McKee is kidnapped by an enemy who hates the family enough to destroy them, one by one If you've enjoyed my earlier novels like Unspoken, Running Scared, and Whispers, then I believe you're going to love reading Revenge! Book 2. The past isn't over An unspeakable act has ripped apart the idyllic town of Bakersville, Oregon, and its once-peaceful residents are demanding quick justice.

But though a boy has confessed to the horrific crime, evidence shows he may not be guilty. Officer Rainie Conner, leading her first homicide investigation, stands at the center of the controversy. It's hitting too close to home, bringing back her worst nightmares, threatening to expose her secret sins. But with the boy's life at stake, she won't let anything stop her from finding the real killer. Because out there in the shadows a man watches her and plots his next move. He knows her secrets. He kills for sport. He's already brought death to Bakersville and forever shattered the community.

But what he has really come for is Rainie -- and he won't leave until he has destroyed her Please sign in to write a review. If you have changed your email address then contact us and we will update your details.

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We have recently updated our Privacy Policy. The site uses cookies to offer you a better experience. By continuing to browse the site you accept our Cookie Policy, you can change your settings at any time. We can order this Usually dispatched within 3 weeks. Quantity Add to basket. This item has been added to your basket View basket Checkout. View other formats and editions. Lisa Jackson shows yet again why she is one of the best at romantic suspense.

A pure nail biter. The answer: You don't want to know Jackson is on top of her game. Jackson heightens the creep factor. Read it at night and it certainly will keep you up.

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For after the prologue, Jackson slips into her real agenda, and out of your comfort zone. A frightening tale filled with danger and shocking twists. Added to basket. Nine Perfect Strangers. Liane Moriarty. Lethal White. Robert Galbraith. The October Man. Ben Aaronovitch. An Unwanted Guest. Shari Lapena.