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Now the question is how long will we remain subhuman by being submissive before the falsehood. Wake up before it is too late. Take a decision in favour of justice and truth. Come out of the cocoon of darkness to light and freedom. What a prankster. He recently wrote a poetic satire called What Must Be Said in which he stated that Israel was a threat to world peace because of its nuclear program, and that Israel and Iran are sort of, well, equivalent in the nuclear-arms field, except maybe Israel is guiltier because, oh, who really knows if Iran is building a bomb anyway.

Or something. What a side-splitter, eh? He meant it? Never mind. Well, actually, do mind. In fact, lots of folks already have. Grass, who hid for years that he had been a member of the Nazi Waffen SS during the war, released this verse stink bomb just before Passover, which, of course, is the traditional time of year for the spreading of anti-Semitic blood libels. Der Literaturkritiker hatte das Gedicht in der vergangenen Woche als "ekelhaft"bezeichnet. Das ist nicht wahr.

Aber es werden ganz eindeutig Vorbereitungen getroffen. Es ist auch unerheblich. Es gebe da keine Tabus. Grass soll am He was a kid! Now everyone rubs his nose in it. How cheap and nasty can you get! For this undertaking they have the backing of the Neo-Cons, of AIPAC, it is indeed a dangerous situtation, and there is no telling how that war would spread.

Whether Grass or whoever is anti-semitic or was a Nazi as a kid, is entirely irrelevant, if they could not level those charges they would find other diversions, it is also entirerly irrelevant whether Netanyahoo or Avigdor Liebermann are Jewish. First of all, they are both demagogues and are both gangsters, goons. They instrumentalize the Holocaust and use it as blackmail.

One must mention that the Italian Repubblica did so, yet published critical articles next to it. Like Grass, who is a part-time anti-Semitic poet, they are part-time anti-Semitic publications. Grass was heavily criticized in Israel for a poem he wrote in which he describes Israel as a major threat to world peace. Celebrated author Prof. Which criticism would Yishai wish to hear?

Since when has he any relation to culture? Did he ever hear of Grass? The prime minister should sack him due to his racist, primitive action, stemming from ignorance. The link between the banishment [of Grass] and poetry makes sense only to someone who knows nothing but the poetry of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef [the spiritual leader of Sephardi haredim in Israel]. Once we talk of Eli Yishai, we do not talk about poetry, and vice versa.

This auto-anti-Semitic, Pavlovian reaction is not new to the Left, but each time it rears its head from of the feotid swamp of conformist Israeli literature, its rudeness reveals the racist nature of pseudo-Humanist intellectuals. How did Yishai become the target for such harsh criticism, and not the poet and former Nazi? The leader of the Sephardi ultra-Orthodox party has invigorated the alliance between the secular Right and the haredim, enabling Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to maintain a sustainable government.

While former Shas chairman Rabbi Aryeh Deri represented a moderate political figure — carrying forward the appeasement politics which backed the late Rabin in his peace plans, and in addition helped then-Labor leader Ehud Barak to form a government following his election victory — Yishai was more right-wing oriented. Im Iran vermutet man, dass an einer Atombombe gebaut wird.

Es ist eine Tatsache, an der man nicht vorbei diskutieren sollte, Vergessen sollte man auch nicht die Leoparden, die mittels der deutschen Regierung an Saudi Arabien, in ein Land, in dem die Scharia brutal praktiziert wird, verdealt werden sollen. Thanks to a decades-old western policy of ignoring the development and possession by Israel of weapons of mass destruction, Israel has effectively become the Nazi Germany of the Middle East.

The little-known Israel arsenal of unconventional weapons is widely believed to include, inter alia, hundreds of nuclear bombs and warheads, most of them trained at such Arab and Muslim cities in the Middle East as Cairo , Damascus , Istanbul , Baghdad and Amman. Israeli officials and propagandists would swear, in the strongest terms, that they are misunderstood and that they are the most peaceful people on earth. But these are mostly oaths of lie and hypocrisy. The manifest lebensraum policy which Israel pursues in the West Bank, mainly at the expense of the indigenous Palestinians, leaves no doubt as to the Nazi-like bellicosity, proclivity for territorial expansion as well as ideological nefariousness characterizing Zionism, or Jewish Nazism.

The effective and never-exhausted Israeli propaganda machine, which extends from Sydney to California, would cite a thousand red herrings to divert attention from the real thing, that Israel represents the Nazism of our time and that the apartheid state, not Iran, or North Korea or even Satan himself, poses the greatest danger to world peace and stability.

The Zionist mouthpieces of lie and disinformation, which includes seemingly respectable people, like Shimon Peres, Newt Gingrich, and Hillary Clinton, would cry Hamas! Al-Qaeda, ignoring the fact that all these groups and regimes are resultant offshoots, or mere side effects, of Israeli oppression and aggression. The plans were formulated in The plan identified more than strategic targets in Iran, including numerous alleged nuclear-weapons-program development sites.

His Administration "has also intimated it will use nukes in the event of an Iran response to an Israeli attack on Iran. The new sanctions target Syrian and Iranian intelligence agencies as well as telecommunications and Internet providers for use of information technology to monitor and repress political opposition. The timing of this latest round of sanctions, coming on top of a whole series of unilateral US and European Union measures aimed at crippling the Syrian and Iranian economies, strongly indicates that Washington is merely using negotiations with both countries as a cover for preparing war and regime change.

Left unscathed by the order are dictatorial regimes that are US allies in the region. Zwei Attacken aus dem Hinterhalt von israelischen Soldaten bekam er als Jugendlicher hautnah mit, sah unschuldige Menschen vor seinen Augen qualvoll sterben. Die Deutschen waren schlechte Antisemiten, aber gute Nazis. April diesmal in Wien stattfand Sind, im Die hysterisch aufgeregten Reaktionen zeigen es.

Und auch der Weltfrieden - ist es wirklich nur der "regionale Frieden"? Kurz vor der geplanten Veranstaltung sagte sie den Raum dann kurzfristig ab. In contrast, Tuesday's campaign ad by Kerrey presents a harsher condemnation of a possible future Iran invasion than perhaps any made by a sitting member of Congress. I don't know what the numbers are that are disabled with all kinds of injuries. There's 80 million people living in Iran. I mean, if we were undersized with , men and women going into Iraq, it's going to take a million to go to war with Iran.

It darkens your day. I thought dying for your country was the worst thing that could happen to you, and I don't think it is. I think killing for your country can be a lot worse. He also denounces Germany's sales of potentially atomic-armed submarines, one after the other, to Israel and calls for international inspection and control of all atomic weapons in the area, whether present Israeli ones or possible future Iranian ones, in the hopes of saving the entire region - or far more - from catastrophe.

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Except in one question. The new ruling powers in West Germany found very quickly that all those sins, not just those of the past but present and future ones, were mildly overlooked if they loudly and stoutly rejected open anti-Semitism while embracing any and all policies of the Israeli government.

This rule, carefully watched over, provided the entrance ticket for an ascent into the so rewarding ranks of the western democracies. And this strategy, at first more a mask than anything else, soon developed into a close bond between all ruling parties in Germany and the far right forces in Israel, up to and including the openly racist Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and Premier Benjamin Netanyahu. Circumstances alter cases; life in Britain, indeed Europe, today is very different from life in the Third Reich.

We used to have a haberdashery sales rep by the name of Zuckermann. As nice as could be and always gave a discount. Die Medienaufmerksamkeit war also gewollt. Nichts anderes will und erwartet Grass auch von seinen anderen Texten, folglich muss er bei diesem Gedicht auch damit rechnen. Der Text sei unverantwortlich und eine Verdrehung der Tatsachen. Nicht Israel, sondern der Iran bedrohe den Frieden. Rede von Ahmadinedschad Ahmadinedschad bestieg das Podium und begab sich zum Rednerpult, begleitet von den lauten Segensrufen der Anwesenden, welche ihm auch einige Briefe zusteckten.

Safha ist die [Buch-] Seite oder das Papierblatt. Von der Bedeutung Schicksal abgeleitet bedeutet es ebenfalls im modernen Sprachgebrauch 'Lebensunterhalt'. Oktober mit "wipe Israel from the map" Israel von der Landkarte ausradieren wiedergegeben. Derselbe Absatz findet sich auch am Anfang der Rede. It's brilliant, brilliantly mad! Grass habe das inkriminierte Israel-Gedicht kurz nach einem besorgniserregenden Spitalsaufenthalt geschrieben. Man sollte vielleicht etwas sorgsamer mit ihm umgehen. Dieser sei kein Antisemit. Er wollte offenbar sagen: Bitte, haltet inne.

Es grenzt auch manchmal an Kriegsverbrechen. Trotzdem zu sagen: So geht's nicht - das ist unglaublich schwer. Weiters argumentiert er unredlich, wenn er falsche Fakten zitiert und von einem Erstschlag Israels gegen den Iran spricht. Nachhaltigkeit nennt man sowas in Deutschland! Wie soll Deutschland denn noch einen Oscar nach Hause holen, wenn es keinen Judenhass mehr gibt?

Grass spielt mit antisemitischen Klischees. Benny Weinthal is an Israeli journalist who is currently writing from Germany. Inthis piece for Fox News, he looks at German reaction to the outrage surrounding Grass. It's not pretty. How is it possible for a man with such baggage to enjoy support from so many Germans? I know, I know. Online polls are self-selecting and tend to be dominated by the extremes, but Germans of almost all political colors show an alarming hatred of Israel.

So do Grass' views reflect mainstream German thought, or don't they? While the anti-fascist Left party spokesman celebrated Grass, the extreme right-wing fascist party—the National Democrats NDP —also praised the author. I think we can safely say that after 70 years, the Germans still don't know how to respond to the Holocaust and do so with a mixture of continued anti-Semitism on the one hand, and shame on the other. Perhaps this sums it up best: German debates over anti-Semitism after the Holocaust have traditionally been anchored in guilt and shame, and in that department, Grass is no anomaly.

Talmon Univ. Grass accuses Israel of endangering "the already fragile world peace" by claiming a "right to the first strike". Although, strictly speaking, Grass does not put forward a legal argument, he raises three interesting legal questions: First, the right of a State to anticipatory self-defense in cases where the threat in question is not imminent but still claimed to be real. For example, where a State tries to acquire nuclear weapons-making capability with allegedly hostile intent.

Second, the international responsibility of a State Germany and the criminal responsibility of its officials for aiding and abetting another State Israel that might engage in premature acts of self-defense; and, third, the different treatment accorded by the international community to the nuclear weapons programmes of Israel and Iran. Note: Downloadable document is in German. Es kommen eigentlich nur der Mossad, Opus Dei oder die Freimaurer infrage.

Diese Frage habe ich mir ganz ernsthaft gestellt. To this vile piece I left the following comment at Die Zeit Guenter Grass zitiert den schon lang geplanten und z. Das ist wohl eine Phantasmagorie - aber worauf es Grass wohl am meisten ankommt ist dieser "First Strike", was danach kommt weiss niemand. Die Zeit, being Joffe's house organ of course would not permit such a pointed reminder or what was transpiring.

Wie schon zuvor in Frankfurt und Berlin wurde auch diese Versammlung massiv attackiert. Nachdem die Protestwelle durch die Feuilletons gezogen ist, schreibt Diez, es sei doch wohl legitim, nach der Verbindung zwischen Kunst und Leben eines Autors zu fragen. That book and his subsequent writings made him a quasi-official keeper of the German conscience, a role he has clearly relished. It had long been known that Grass himself fought in World War II at the age of 17, but although he had never discussed his experience, it did not seem to disqualify him as a critic of the Nazi regime or as an ambassador of German honor.

In fact, Beuys had mythologized his service, inventing an imaginary captivity in Russia, to no ill effect. Being drafted as a scared kid or even flying in the Luftwaffe was one thing. Joining the SS, the elite unit whose principal function was executing the Holocaust, was another. If there was an explanation for this, Grass owed it to his public a long time ago. He did not explain his five-decade silence when he finally confessed his membership. The truth was almost certain to come out sooner or later, when Grass would have no opportunity to spin it.

For Galtung has now served up his own grotesque entry in the Jew-hatred sweepstakes. As you will note, nearly four weeks into the controversy it has reached the provinces and we get their take on it. Das Verhalten der Studentenvertretung in Leipzig ist absolut verwerflich. Die PSG soll wissen, dass ihre Genossen auf der ganzen Welt ihren Kampf zur Entlarvung der militaristischen Agenda hinter den Verleumdungen und Angriffen gegen Grass aufmerksam verfolgen, und dass wir sehr stolz sind auf ihre Standhaftigkeit und ihren Mut.

Diese Zeilen hat die Welt doch gebraucht. Israel ist ein Staat wie jeder andere auf dieser Erde und hat die gleichen Rechte, jedoch keine Sonderrechte. Die Welt hat schlecht, die Welt hat miserabel gelesen. Die politischen Argumente sind ausgetauscht. Und von Henryk M. Es mag ein schlechtes, es mag ein inopportunes Gedicht sein. Aber es ist nun mal ein Gedicht, ob es uns passt oder nicht, und zwar eines von enormer tagespolitischer Wirksamkeit. Vier der zehn Bestseller in diesem Monat handeln von inszenierten Menschenhatzen.

Am Wochenende ist der Ostfriedhof dran. Die Gefahr kommt aus dem Iran. Da sind wir mitten in Ihrem Thema: Pazifismus soll die Menschheit retten. Pazifismus ist der falsche Ansatz. Ihre Aussegnungshallen sind oft architektonische Meisterwerke. Wir geben die Pressemitteilung hier im Wortlaut wieder. Angesehene Zeitungen wie Die Zeit und die F. Grass sei kein Antisemit und habe nie das Existenzrecht Israels infrage gestellt. Dies hatte ihm heftige Kritik eingebracht. N-Treffens vom 10 bis Wenn die Schriftstellervereinigung P. Denn die im P. Bei der Tagung, die vom Der Abend des Die Gefahr kommt aus Iran.

Ich bin zwar sehr unzufrieden mit Israels Siedlungspolitik, ich bin israelkritisch in vielen Bereichen. Pazifismus der falsche Ansatz. Esther Schapria. Am April hatte Israel Geburtstag. Ijjar Israel lebt im permanenten Ausnahmezustand. Bekennende Antisemiten sind ohnehin kaum zu finden. Nach Auschwitz ist der Antisemitismus diskreditiert. Er riecht nach Gas. Andere haben kritisiert, Grass spiele mit Tabus. Diese hat ein Beschimpfen und Beleidigen vorgezogen, ein Unterstellen von Schuld und falscher Gesinnung, ein Anempfehlen von Schreibverzicht und Klappe halten. Die Risiken und Nebenwirkungen intellektueller Einmischung sind hierzulande hoch.

Dass da jemand, ob altersweise oder -eigensinnig, einzig die Sorge um einen von Tag zu Tag absehbareren, ebenso verheerenden wie vermeidbaren Krieg umtreibt, wird auf dem Schlachtfeld der Polemik als Motiv nicht durchgelassen. Weil der niedermachende Vorwurf des Antisemitismus unberechenbar oder gar voraussehbar hinter jeder Zeile lauert? Alles das hat nichts mit dem Holocaust zu tun, sondern es geht einzig und allein um die Erhaltung des Friedens heute.

Iran insists its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. Olmert was Israel's prime minister from He was in office when a suspected nuclear site in Syria was attacked in It was assumed that Israel carried out the airstrike, but Israel never acknowledged that. Olmert's remarks came after Israel's former internal security chief, Yuval Diskin, said the government is misleading the public on the level of effectiveness of a military strike.

Meir Dagan, Israel's ex-Mossad chief, told the station he supported Diskin's view. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been warning about Iran's nuclear program for years and calling for decisive world action to stop it. In recent days he charged that current Western sanctions are not enough to deter the Iranians from building nuclear weapons.

Diese Erkenntnis sei die wirkliche "Frohbotschaft von Ostern ". Aber andererseits: Vielleicht muss das so sein, vielleicht geht es gar nicht anders. Vielleicht braucht eine Gesellschaft eine Person, an der sie sich aufreiben, an der sie ihren eigenen Standpunkt erkennen kann. Das wurde auch innerhalb der zionistischen Reihen von einigen Wenigen mit Besorgnis gesehen. Man musste nur die Wilden und die Esel aus dem Land jagen. Iran, angeht. Und er verhindert Wesentliches von Unwesentlichem zu trennen. Unwesentlich ist die Frage "Wer ist Antisemit? By Gideon Levy The harsh, and in some parts infuriating, poem by Gunter Grass of course immediately sparked a wave of vilifications against it and mainly against its author.

Grass indeed went a few steps too far and too mendaciously — Israel will not destroy the Iranian people — and for that he will be punished, in his own country and in Israel. There is very little in the world that is safer or less novel than criticizing Israel in a European newspaper. Of course, many post-Nazi German intellectuals, and intellectuals across Europe, have been saying quite nasty things about Jews and the Jewish state for some time, without noticeable consequence. No fatwas have been issued against European critics of Jews, and no opponent of Israelhas been murdered for his criticism.

Ich bin noch nicht ganz so weit. Denn man hat reichlich Zeit Brumlik: Das glaube ich sehr wohl. Das war die Gelegenheit jetzt auch noch einmal offiziell festzustellen, dass Grass ein Nationalsozialist gewesen ist - und nach Ansicht der israelischen Regierung das noch heute ist.

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Das provoziert Fragen. Meines Erachtens gibt es in Iran auch keine Atomkraftwerke, sondern Zentrifugen, die immer tiefer verbuddelt werden. Und das bestimmt nicht aus Angst vor dem Absturz eines Zivilflugzeugs. Veranstalter: C. Beck Verlag, Stiftung Literaturhaus Kartenreservierung unter 19 34 27 oder unter www. Others before him, including many Israelis, have made the substantive criticisms of Israeli policy he made. But Grass not only subtly suggested that Israel was planning a nuclear strike against Iran rather than the other way around, but also implicitly equated Israel with Nazi Germany.

It has a long history on the German left: since the Six-Day War in , the left has frequently implicitly — and sometimes explicitly — equated Israel as well as the United States and even the Federal Republic itself with Nazism. The Israeli embassy in Berlin immediately compared the poem — which was published just before Passover — to a blood libel.

However, what the poem and the debate it has provoked are really about is who owns Auschwitz. Israeli critics see this as presumptuous. After all, who is Grass — a former member of the Waffen SS — to lecture them about the right lessons to learn from the Holocaust? There's a man with his finger on the pulse! Happily, there are writers such as Gunter Grass who still respect the form. Now 80, the Nobel Prize winner turns over the stones of his long life to reveal the sources of his inspiration as both artist and writer.

Here we learn how he found the image of a child beating a small drum that he conjured into his first and best-known novel, "The Tin Drum. Hier runterladen! Mit einer Meldung zur Waffen-SS hatte das weder direkt noch indirekt irgendetwas zu tun. Das ist zwar meist unberechtigt. Solche Verirrungen erschweren jede ernsthafte Nahostdebatte.

Und sie machen deutlich, wie tief derAntisemitismus-Bazillus immer noch in unserer Gesellschaft sitzt. Leute, die sich wie Literaturkritiker aufspielten, obwohl sie von Literatur keine Ahnung haben. Was hat dieser Satz mit Literatur zu tun? Ein Entwicklungsminister? Oder der Dichter, der es geschrieben hat? Eine Klangskulptur nimmt ihn ein. Die liebe Not mit dem Erwachsenwerden P. Der Vorwurf des Antisemitismus wurde gleich dutzende Male erhoben und in allen Schattierungen variiert.

Trinkt unser Blut und setzt uns ins Unrecht, weil er Jud ist und wir die Schuld tragen. Das ist kein Witz. So denkt es in mir. The accusation of anti-Semitism has been raised dozens of times and in every variation. And this against the author of The Tin Drum, who was holding up a mirror to German society at a time when it was covering its past with a thick veil and when its government, administration, judiciary, editorial offices, universities and business executive suites were staffed by thousands of former Nazis!

Und vom Schwelgen in Prachtschinken stinken? Israel's leadership: Messianic and then some Haaretz When Gunter Grass said a frightened Israel is dangerous not only to itself but to the entire world, Israelis refused to address this harsh statement. The Israeli tribal defense in the face of Grass' remarks focused on the speaker's insolence, Doch nach mehr als einer Woche reicht es. Berichte in israelischen Medien, dass er mit Herzproblemen in ein Krankenhaus eingeliefert wurde, sucht man anders als in Deutschland vergeblich.

Grass habe bekanntlich immer schon Probleme mit Israel gehabt. Wie gesagt, bald wird die Aufregung darum vergessen sein. Diese gibt es weltweit. Sorgen um den Weltfrieden. Durch wen? Mit der deutschen Geschichte haben sie sich intensiv auseinandergesetzt, wie sie glaubhaft versichern. So hatten sie es doch nicht gemeint. Ist der sozialdemokratische Schriftsteller auf einem Horst-Mahler-Trip? August sagte, liest sich jedenfalls wie klassische Aufrechnungsmythen aus der neonazistischen und rechtsextremen Ecke.

Ich sage das nicht, um das Gewicht der Verbrechen gegen die Juden zu vermindern, aber der Holocaust war nicht das einzige Verbrechen. Wie Grass auf ausgerechnet sechs Millionen kommt, bleibt das Geheimnis seines Unterbewusstseins. Zum Rechten macht das den Autor aber nicht unbedingt.

What raw nerve did Grass touch that set off the controversy? The leading question for my research project is: What, if anything, can justify the exclusion of outsiders from membership in political societies? The specific focus of this question will be on the nation-state and on the limitations and conditions nation-states impose on immigrants and applicants for citizenship. Search for:. Fellowship Programs Open Calls. Audio Files.

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Vessela Hristova. Posted on 13 January, Katrin Hammerstein. Posted in Former Visiting Fellows Leave a comment. Sorin Gog. Assistant Professor of Sociology, Babes-Bolyai University Cluj Junior Visiting Fellow January — June Project: The Europeanisation of Eastern Christianity: Secularisation in Post-socialist Romania and Bulgaria The thesis of my research project is that in spite of the disappearance of the communist regime and its secular policy, post-socialism in Romania and Bulgaria did not entail a religious revival but a new logic of secularization. Bogdan Ghiu.

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