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As with their predecessors, series from the s and s treat a variety of topics, appealing to a wide range of interests. Several series have adopted unusual approaches. In short, girls' series are again big business, and a new generation of readers are discovering the pleasure of following a favorite character through numerous adventures. Definitions As with the earlier edition, Girls' Series Books lists American fictional series books for girls, this time including those series that began between and As with the previous edition, this includes many "tots" series-i.

Many of the parameters used for the original edition remain, specifically:. American books are defined as having an American author or being published first in the United States of America. Only books of 48 or more pages are included Hoyle n. Some parameters have been modified. The original edition defined a series as "three or more books that have parallel titles or the same character. Titles that were originally published as part of a thematic series or were extensively advertised as such soon after their initial publication are included.

Publishers' series - those series where publishers later grouped unrelated volumes, frequently by different authors, under an umbrella title such as "Girl Chums" or "Maidenhood" - have been excluded. Organization The bibliography is arranged alphabetically by series title with cross references to the main entry under alternate titles. The earlier edition used parenthesis to distinguish between titles assigned by the compiler and those listed in the publication; these have been deleted.

Each entry lists series title, followed by the stated author of the series; if this is a known pseudonym, it is followed by the actual author's name in parenthesis. This reverses the procedure used in the earlier edition. The original publisher follows; reprint publishers are not given. If the original publication was a paperback edition, PB appears after the publisher's name. Because this edition includes three types of series which are often not of interest to collectors, they are marked as such on the line following the publishers' name: thematic, interactive, and easy reader. Although there are many interactive series, such as "Choose Your Own Adventure," only those series specifically intended for girls have been included here.

Whenever possible, volume numbers correspond to the actual numbering of the series. Some listings are incomplete: - amb. An asterisk before the title indicates a copy is in the CLRC. Dates used are copyright dates, which are occasionally for the year prior to actual publication, especially for nineteenth-century series and January titles of contemporary series issued on a monthly basis. Notes follow some series entries, clarifying material or conveying additional information. A "Related series" or "Related titles" line refers to other series or to single volumes, not issued as part of the series, in which major or secondary characters also appear.

A "See also" reference indicates that additional information or a continuation of the series may be found under another series title. Little Prudy, for example, appears in several series; "See also" references direct the reader to those entries. Have You Seen Hyacinth Macaw? Loretta P. Sweeny, Where Are You? Wilderness Wedding. Note: At least two of these titles were also reissued under the pseudonym Barrie Anderson: vol. Chariot PB 1.

Who Wants a Turnip for President, Anyway? Hollywood Ho! These six volumes were also issued together as the Activity Book Portfolio of Pastimes. Brace Yourself, P. Oh Deer! The Stolen Horse Sharon M. The Courage of Ann 3. Anne Alive! See that entry for a complete listing of titles. Burt 1. Note: According to the American Catalogue, this series was published in , but at least one volume was copyrighted several years before that. No information on original publication dates was found for other titles. A companion series, Aunt Hattie's Library for Boys, was also published the same year. Apple PB 1.

Logan Likes Mary Anne! Little Miss Stoneybrook Welcome Back, Stacey! Poor Mallory! Mary Anne vs. Baby-sitters on Board! New York New York! Who Framed Mary Bubnick? Save D. Note: The first three volumes were also reissued as one volume titled The World of Barbie. Barry the Undaunted. Dynamite Dawn vs. Who's Out to Get Linda? William A. The Betty Wales Girls and Mr. The Mt. Note: This is actually part of the First Love series, a thematic series not included in this bibliography.

Numbers in brackets indicate volume numbers within the First Love series. A Texas Blue Bonnet Jacobs 2. The Bobbsey Twins: Dr. At this point, Wanderer Books began publishing the series in paperback and began renumbering:. The series was discontinued and started again as the New Bobbsey Twins, by Minstrel a division of Simon and Schuster :. In , Grosset and Dunlap also began issuing re-revised hardcover editions of the early volumes, usually with modified titles:.

Lost, but Found; or The Jewish Home 4. Fashion and Folly. Cupples 1. Judd Century, Ethel Hollister's Outing] 5. Note: The first six titles listed above were also published by Donohue using the name Stella M. Francis as follows:. Wilde 1. The Campfire Girls' Duty Call 6. Note: Publication information on this series is still a puzzle. Many of the volumes have no copyright or publication date listed. Mary Lee is also a character in the Camp Fire Girls series. Famous, but copies of Marigold's Pony have been seen with Rietz listed as author on the cover and Hart as author on the title page.

Saalfield 1. Note: Each title in this series was reissued by Saalfield in with a different title as follows:. No Boys Allowed! Color War! Who's the New Girl? What's a Girl To Do? Party Time! Princess Who? Help Wanted! Who's Got a Crush on Andy? Before Love Gloria D. Sunrise G. A Special Love Harriette S. Cheer Me On! Carrie Loves Superman Gloria D. Do You Really Love Me? Jeanne R.

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Heartbreaker Last Kiss in April N. Cupid Confusion Harriette S. First Impression Harriette S. A Good Sport Harriette S. Harcourt 1. Where is My Heart? What Happened to Candy Carmichael? Note: This series appears in the Tyndale catalogue, but no information has been found to verify publication.

Graves 1. Desperado Chassie L. The Golden Hawk Jean M. Note: These books were not advertised as a series although they trace the lives of some of the main characters from the first two titles. Since a number of Pansy's books use this technique, it is possible there are others that belong on this list. A reading list from lists six "Chautauqua Stories": volumes and The Hall in the Grove and.

Eighty-Seven ; the latter two may also be related titles. Trying Out Caroline B. Saying Yes Caroline B. Note: After the fourth book, four members of the Cherokees Club grow up and leave the series; the fifth member starts a new club, the Lookout Club. Note: The A. Flanagan Company of Chicago, Illinois first published most of the titles in this series in a school edition. Breaking the Rules Candice F. The Bad and the Beautiful Caroline B. The Morning After Caroline B. Note: Advertisements in the first two books list volumes 3 and 4 as forthcoming, but nothing has been found to verify publication.

Jacobs 1. Scholastic PB 1. Summer Heat! Be Mine! Beach Party! Fenno 1. Beginning in , some of the earlier volumes were reissued with new volume numbers and four new volumes were added The new series consisted of the following titles. Dates shown for volumes are for the reissued editions.

Who's Reading Darci's Diary? Carter Bros. Nellie's Stumbling-Block 5.

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Note: Although Suzy's Sacrifice was copyrighted in , the American Catalogue also lists it as the last volume of this series, which was published from Blood Sport R. Century 1. No Children! Another title may be related: Daisy Travers; or. Who Killed Daddy? Note: Girls' Series Companion lists volume 6, but no other information has been found to verify publication. Doris Fein: Legacy of Terror. Lothrop Co. Note: Advertisements note that "odd-numbered volumes have heroines; even numbers feature boys. Who Cares about Espie Sanchez? Ester Ried appears only in the first volume; the other stories trace the lives of related characters.


The latter three may contain related characters. New York Book 1. Crowell 1. Fairmount's Quartette. Me and Fat Glenda 2. Hey Remember Fat Glenda? Fat Glenda's Summer Romance 4. Fat Glenda Turns Fourteen Archway PB 1. The New Girl 2. The Surprise Party 3. The Overnight 4. Missing 5. The Wrong Number 6. The Sleepwalker 7. Haunted 8. Halloween Party 9. The Stepsister Ski Weekend The Fire Game Felicia 2. Felicia's Friends 3. Felicia Visits 4.

Felicia Cartwright and the Frantic Search 2. Felicia Cartwright and the Case of the Missing Sideboard 3. Felicia Cartwright and the Case of the Green Medallion 4. Felicia Cartwright and the Case of the Uncut Diamond 5. Felicia Cartwright and the Case of the Frightened Student 6. Felicia Cartwright and the Case of the Twisted Key 7.

Felicia Cartwright and the Case of the Dancing Fire 8. Felicia Cartwright and the Case of the Lonely Teacher. Felicia Cartwright and the Case of the Troubled Rancher Felicia Cartwright and the Case of the Hungry Fiddler Felicia Cartwright and the Case of the Antique Bookmark Felicia Cartwright and the Case of the Lost Puppy Felicia Cartwright and the Case of the Knotted Wire Felicia Cartwright and the Case of the Honorable Traitor Felicia Cartwright and the Case of the Black Phantom Felicia Cartwright and the Lone Ski Boot Felicia Cartwright and the Case of the Pink Poodle Faking It Betsy Haynes 3.

Rent-a-Star Saunders 3. Crazy Campout Norby 4. Twin Trouble Saunders 5. Star Reporter Norby 6. The Goofy Gamble Douglas Kitty Carter, Canteen Girl 7. Navy 8. Dick Donnelly of the Paratroops The Party 2. The Dance 3. The Graduation The Burning Land 2.

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Survivors 3. Thunder Mountain 4. Shockwave First Love, True Love 2. First Orchid for Pat 3. First Love, Farewell Five Little Starrs 2. Five Little Starrs in an Island Cabin 5. Five Little Starrs in the Canadian Forest 6. The Case of the Haunted Health Club Florence and John 2. Grimkie 3. Ornkey Islands 4. The English Channel 5.

The Isle of Wight 6. Florence's Return. Violet's Idol 2. Daisy's Work; The Third Commandment 3. Rose's Temptation; The Fourth Commandment 4. Lily's Lesson 5. Hyacinthe and Her Brothers 6. Pinkie and the Rabbits Summer in the Sun 2. A Stage Set for Love 4. Sun, Sea and Boys 5. Far Away Loves 6. Take a Chance on Love 7. Racing to Love Let's Be Friends Forever 2. Friends to the Rescue! Keeping Secrets, Keeping Friends 4.

That's What Friends Are For 5. Friends Save the Day 6. New Friends Blues Viking Easy Reader 1. Frances Takes a Chance 2. Frances Dances 3. Frances Foureyes 4. Frances and Friends Francie Again 3. Francie Comes Home Mark Erskine 4. Mary Bell 5. Beechnut 6. Caroline Freshman Dorm 2. Freshman Lies 3.

Freshman Guys 4. Freshman Nights 5. Freshman Dreams 6. Freshman Games 7. Freshman Loves 8. Freshman Secrets 9. Freshman Schemes Freshman Changes Freshman Fling We'll Miss You 2. Yours 'Til the Meatball Bounces 3. Sealed with a Hug 6. Friends til the Ocean Waves 7. Friends 4-Ever Minus One 8. Mysteriously Yours Bright Days 2. Fripsey Summer 3. Fripsey Fun 4. Leave It to the Fripseys A Frontier Girl of Virginia 2.

A Frontier Girl of Massachusetts 3. A Frontier Girl of New York 4. A Frontier Girl of Chesapeake Bay 5. The Computer Caper 2. The 3-D Traitor 4. The Treasure Code 5. The Computer Game Murder Gidget 2. Cher Papa 3. Gidget Goes Hawaiian 4. Affairs of Gidget 5. Gidget Goes to Rome 6. Gidget in Love 7. Gidget Goes Parisienne Ginger at Dogfish Bay 2. Ginger in Alaska 3. Ginger and the Turkey Raiders 4. Ginger and the Glacier Express 5. Ginger and the Witch Doctor Ginnie and the Mystery Cat Ginnie and the Mystery Light Janet: A Stock-Farm Scout 3.

Norma: A Flower Scout Girl Scouts in the Magic City 7. The Mysterious Camper 3. The Camp's Strange Visitors The Girl Scouts' Problem Solved The Girl Scouts of the Cardinal Patrol The Girl Scouts at Mystery Mansion Shanty Brook Lodge 2. Castle Camp 3.

Toplofty Western PB 1. Welcome to Junior High 2. Face Offi 3. The New You 4. Rebel, Rebel 5. It's All in the Stars 6. The Ghost of Eagle Mountain 7. Odd Couple 8.

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Stealing the Show 9. Peer Pressure Falling in Like Mixed Feelings Drummer Girl Twins for President The Great Earth Day Affair Here Comes the Bride Star Quality Keeping the Beat On the Air. Note: Although advertisements have been seen listing volumes , no information has been found to verify publication.

Pollyanna at Six Star Ranch Pollyanna of Magic Valley Pollyanna and the Secret Mission Penn 1. Glenloch Girls 2. Glenloch Girls Abroad 3. Glenloch Girls' Club 4. Making Waves A. Chandler 2. Balancing Act Rebecca Larsen 3. Summer Dreams Bill Gutman 4. Lincoln by Eileen Meyer, illus. Chronicle ponders the season with Why? Handprint pulls out its crayons for Draw Here!

Scared You! Marvel Press conjures mayhem with Loki: Where the Mischief Lies by Mackenzi Lee, featuring tales from the life of the misunderstood mischief-maker, Loki. Cervantes, which shows Zane deciding between saving fellow godborns from the angry gods or rescuing his father from an eternal prison; and Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky by Kwame Mbalia, a middle-grade fantasy taking place in a world populated with African-American folk heroes and West African gods.

Military by Winifred Conkling, illus. Walden Pond Books sets sail with The Treacherous Seas A Perilous Journey of Danger and Mayhem 2 by Christopher Healy, continuing the alt-history age-of-invention adventure series; and My Jasper June by Laurel Snyder, about two girls both dealing with family struggles who find each other one summer day and forge a magical friendship. Greenfield, illus. Goodale, encouraging mindfulness and a meditation on slowing down. Clarion watches the clock for Almost Time by Gary D.

Schmidt, illus. Versify hits the right notes with Emmy in the Key of Code by Aimee Lucido, a middle grade verse novel spotlighting music and coding as new girl Emmy adjusts to school; and Anya and the Dragon by Sofiya Pasternack, in which fantasy and mayhem intertwine in eighth-century Eastern Europe, where year-old Anya is the daughter of the only Jewish family in her village. Kids Can takes center stage with The Piano Recital by Akiko Miyakoshi, which finds a nervous young pianist as the special guest at a mice-only performance; One Wild Christmas by Nicholas Oldland, in which a tree-hugging bear comes up with an alternative plan for celebrating Christmas with his woodland pals; The Couch Potato by Kerry Lyn Sparrow, illus.

Monk, illus. Millbrook plugs its nose for Eek, You Reek! Stemple, illus. Yellow Jacket hears the call of the wild with The Woods by Rachel Toalson, in which Lenora is drawn to the woods and the magic she discovers within them when she is sent to live with her estranged uncle after a tragedy; Crumbled! Poppy takes the mound with Throw Like a Girl by Sarah Henning, featuring a girl who loses her temper during a game, leading her to be stripped of her scholarship at her private school. Pearson, continuing the adventures of Kazi and Jase in the Dance of Thieves fantasy series; There Will Come a Darkness by Katy Pool, launching a fantasy series set in a world where chaos reigns as an Age of Darkness and the birth of a new prophet have been foretold; and Light It Up by Kekla Magoon, the story of an unarmed year-old girl who is shot and killed by a police officer, and the resulting unrest in her community, told from multiple viewpoints.

Wednesday Books marks off the days with The Grace Year by Kim Liggett, serving up a speculative YA thriller set in an isolated village where girls are banished at age 16 to the wilds of the forest in order to rid themselves of feminine magic and return purified and ready to marry. Flux steps on the scale for The Weight of a Soul by Elizabeth Tammi, a Viking fantasy about a teen girl making a gruesome deal with the Norse gods in order to bring her warrior sister back from the dead; Seeker by Kim Chance, about a year-old witch who must learn to control her magic as she faces off against an evil warlock; Ricochet by Kathryn Berla, featuring an LGBT teen who is living four different-but-parallel lives in the multiverse and must stop her megalomaniac scientist father in each one; and Across a Broken Shore by Amy Trueblood, in which an year-old bound for the convent in San Francisco discovers a love of medicine.

Jolly Fish ushers in the season with Moonlocket by Peter Bunzl, sequel to Cogheart , which follows Lily, Robert, and mechanical fox Malkin around steampunk Victorian London as they try to outwit a criminal mastermind and find a family heirloom. Owlkids picks up a pen for Dear Mr. President by Sophie Siers, illus. Peachtree buckles up with Save the Crash Test Dummies by Jennifer Swanson, navigating readers through the history of car production and the science behind auto safety; Aalfred and Aalbert by Morag Hood, starring two solitary aardvarks who finally meet and become friends; Lana Lynn Howls at the Moon by Rebecca Van Slyke, illus.

Hernandez del Valle Santiago y Sandoval Old lady running a cantina. He has mastered a formula that can make him move so quickly that he becomes invisible to the naked eye. Loveless for the fourth time. The doctor has now invented a hallucinatory drug which, when used on Jim, makes him believe that he has shot and killed Artie. Leonard Falk is the real-life father of Robert Conrad. We sought words and images to convey that style … baroque, outre, tiffany hues, rich crimsons and forest green, all in the mystery of chiaroscuro. Charles Bennett. Aide to President Juarez.

Apart from one sentence in the teaser, Richard Pryor playing a ventriloquist and the voice of his dummy does not speak with his normal voice for the entire episode. The Michael York in this episode is not the famed British actor. In the teaser watch for Artie being Jim's martial arts partner-while dressed in a Chinese Armour with a Japanese sword.

Edward Di Lorenzo.

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Loveless, whose latest diabolical invention involves a powder that miniaturizes people. Jim West and an Indian princess are among his victims. Will a cat bring about the end of Agent West? Dr Loveless appears as a Sheriff of a "ghost town". Faustina has created human-like robots that are walking time bombs. One of them looks exactly like Jim West and another like Artemus Gordon. Martin was an excellent fencer, which came in handy for the swordfight with the musketeer at Madri Gras.

The trickier stunts were performed by Dave Sharp. Dirk DeJohn, gem expert Mr. Spock type. She claims that her ship needs gold for fuel. This was also the first episode produced after Michael Garrison died. Wynant Pinto The town of Justice, Nevada, is hangout for a group of international criminals headed by Lucrece Posey, who is planning on leading her group into a world-wide criminal organization-her gang is made up of a pyromaniac; a thuggish pugilist; a South American Assassin; a Cowboy outlaw; an explosives expert, a mad Cossack and a Confidence Man. Unfortunately for them a certain two secret service agents on vacation happen to be passing through, and it's up to the pair to battle them into submission.

Convict;Pierre Gaspard, former legionnaire. Jim and Artie infiltrate a prison to rescue a fellow agent from a vicious commandant. The DVD packaging for TF1 Video's region 2 release of the series gives script credit for this episode to three writers: Edward di Lorenzo, Lew Garfinkle the only one of the three to have no on-screen credit on any episode and Leigh Chapman. Loveless aka Robin Hood of Sherwood forest, whose latest scheme involves a chemical that kills plant life and a suit of medieval armor.

While resting for the night, Artie has a strange dream where he, Jim, and the sheriff chase their prisoner to an old abandoned mansion which is haunted by the spirit of a dead woman — with a Twilight Zone twist ending. This episode features the smallest cast of the entire series, with the two guest stars the only other people besides Robert Conrad and Ross Martin who appear.

In reality, however, he is tracking down a secret league of assassins. Shimon Wincelberg. Duelist Jack Maitland no make-up, but a different character. White Robber , Howard Wright Professor Jim and Artie encounter Colonel Vautrain, a crippled, legless former Confederate officer who has mastered the ability to travel through time. His plan is to go back in time and alter history, thus not only restoring his legs but also having the Confederate Army win the war—by killing Ulysses Grant. Elon Packard and Norman Hudis.

Raven, who is developing a secret weapon and also a member of a tontine , i. This time around the count is attempting to acquire a wind-up bird that contains the Philosopher's Stone. Events take an interesting turn when Jim follows the trail to a gypsy camp. Russian immigrant Theodore Rimsky.

In the course of their duty the two are drugged and end up in Russia—or so it seems. A Jewish tailor. Their investigation pits them against an evil super-genius. Loveless for the seventh time. His latest invention can transport real people in and out of the two-dimensional world of paintings. Meanwhile, Gordon is escorting President Grant to dedication of a statue of the late Colonel Wayne Gibson in the very same town. Daniel Mainwaring.

The deaths of four military officers and the mysterious sinking of the cruiser Youngstown lead them to believe that the king's life may be in danger. Can Jim stop Trask from turning President Grant into a mindless zombie? However, the evil Talamantes with a pack of werewolves has kidnapped Stefan's daughter, Leandra, and will only release her if Stefan renounces the throne. Loveless is back for the eighth time with yet another plan to rule the world. His scheme this time around uses mock-ups of the prisons, armories, and the United States Treasury to train his henchmen to take over these resources upon his command.

Dr Loveless not only appears as the "evil Sheriff" but also as a brilliant parody of a "Movie Director" directing rehearsals of crimes! I had a high-temporal concussion and a 6" linear fracture in my skull. The last two episodes of that season were cancelled. Constitution document has been stolen by a dangerous revolutionary named Victor Freemantle.

West and Gordon are sent to Texas to recover it. In a twist ending however, our heroes find Freemantle is not the mastermind behind the plot! Edward J. Their plan is to return to Texas with the assassin they have captured, but first they must deal with the merciless Colonel Barbossa. While there, they meet up with the beautiful femme fatale , Triste, and also Miguelito's "next of kin", Dr.

Liebknicht, [25] a Swiss neurologist who strikingly resembles his nephew. Loveless and the only one from the third season. Denne Bart Petitclerc. However, after their arrival the horse is stolen by a group of outlaw bandits, jeopardizing the relationship between the two countries. Incidentally, Jim tells Sordo that he's never met President Juarez - yet the two did indeed meet in season two's "The Night of the Eccentrics"! Gunnar Hellstrom. State Department is returning a valuable samurai sword to its rightful owner, a Japanese prince, the sword is stolen by a group of assailants. To avoid damaging U.

After a series of various encounters with those after the sword, Jim faces the villain in a dramatic sword fight. James B. After a man is found guilty and sentenced to hang, the agents uncover information that points to a frame-up. Max Ehrlich. Marvin Chomsky. Robert E. Their leader is Michael Trayne, a vicius killer back in town after three years in jail. Their leader seems to be their territorial Governor, but there is a more sinister power behind the scenes of all the illegal activities-the final confration of West and Gordon with the chief villain becomes a surprise twist ending.

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Robinson and Ron Silverman. Shortly afterwards, he is recruited by some member of the underworld who seeks to capitalize on his misfortune. This episode features the famous barroom fight scene between Robert Conrad and an uncredited Red West as a stunt double that included West being thrown headfirst into the corner of an upright piano - resulting in an injury to West that required 60 stitches!

He awakens in a strange deserted town filled with assailants wearing masks in the likeness of Emmett Stark, an escaped murderer whom West had imprisoned years earlier — and now Stark wants revenge. Lawrence Dobkin. Meanwhile, Jim has been injured in the attack on the stage and is struggling with amnesia. Thus, Artie must find both his friend and the vaccine before a full-scale epidemic hits.

Gordon helps West literally bring down the curtain on Crotty. Barrows Johann Jim and Artie visit the plantation of a U. Senator who has a mysterious family past that involved a scientist's experiments with apes The weapon used in the attempt was one stolen in recent raids on government and territorial armories.

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West and Gordon find that it is a kinetoscope showing Grant actually a double signing a secret agreement with the representative of an enemy nation. Hinterstoisser shows the kinetescope before an attentive crowd but, thanks to West and Gordon, it's not quite what he expects. Crane Mr. Hassan Amir Ortuglo, Arab dealer in exotic weapontry. Huff 4th Guard West and Gordon are assigned to rescue Dr. Crane and his daughter. The doctor has invented a new "doomsday formula" which could spell the end of the United States if it falls into the wrong hands.

An interesting connection between this episode and "The Night of the Golden Cobra" - in both, Simon Scott portrays a man who is obsessed with acquiring land after learning that there is oil beneath it. In an attempt to cure this disorder, their family physician has been kidnapping people afflicted with the same disorder and using them to test a serum he has prepared.

Jackson Gillis. However, they are sidetracked in the home of Rufus Kraus and are pulled into a night of deadly parlor games. Bartlett, is killed, apparently the victim of a strange tentacled sea creature. It soon becomes apparent to them that an insidious threat is behind Bartlett's killing.

Vitanza Grady Jim travels to the town of Epitaph to arrest Norbert Plank, the chief bookkeeper for the corrupt and powerful syndicate that owns the town's mining company. Through Plank, the agents stand to get hold of valuable records about the syndicate's illegal activities. However, Robert Conrad was seriously injured when he fell from a chandelier while filming a fight scene. Production was shut down and not resumed until the following season, by which time Conrad had recovered.

The shot of the fall appears in this episode. Gunnar Hellstrom directed until the shutdown, after which Mike Moder directed the rest of the episode and received sole credit. Captain Hull, formerly of her Majesty's frigate, the Northcumberland. Their trail leads them to Rosie, a beautiful young dancer, who is wearing the ruby on her toe. Bernard McEveety. The elderly Dr. Crane General Robert E. Their adventures lead them into the underground mines where strange things occur, including an encounter with an aged Confederate soldier who is unaware that the war ended many years before.