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Once there, they find rusty toys ominously placed in the yard and various things that go bump in the night. I guess the ghosts also like messing around with the electronics, as one of the more action-heavy moments involves James springing out of bed when his alarm fails to wake him in time for a meeting with potential buyers.

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Dark Awakening has its share of narrative tangents — it begins with a courthouse shooting that is never referred to again — but eventually settles into the long slog to discover what secrets hide within the walls of the old house. The road to revelation involves some of the more tired horror-movie cliches, like a trip to look at archived newspapers, a scene in which a dazed woman sings Hush Little Baby in a faraway voice, and a visit from an exposition-spouting Catholic priest.

The only fun thing about this movie is unpacking just how amateur it is. Jason Cook spent a long time on the soaps General Hospital and Days of Our Lives, so this level of writing ought to feel familiar.

The town is entirely bereft of children — that is, except for the spectres that appear in flashes to an increasingly wigged-out Jennifer. Alongside the gore is the pointless and cruel killing of an adorable cat.

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This contemptible film fails on every other level, so it shamelessly goes dark in the hopes that one will respect if for being transgressive. No sale.