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Maria plays in the courtyard everyday while other children play on the street. One night she found an unexpected visitor - the moon. The moon helps flowers grow and this inspires Maria to dedicate herself to plants and flowers. The first volume is set in the nineteenth century and the others follow important episodes in Spanish history.

A fascinating tale about lies, truth and the liberty of imagination.

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But I must warn you: this is a slightly longer read than the books above! A lovely story about a little bear and a little tiger going to find the land of all possibilities, the land where bananas grow. A book German children have been reading for 40 years. It feels freeing and joyful to read for both adults and children. Momo by Michael Ende is a beautiful story about how we spend our time.

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Momo is a girl who has an extraordinary ability to listen. This makes her loved by her village as she helps everyone overcome their problems, and is great at thinking of new games. But the Men in Grey, who are actually paranormal parasites and not humans, come and trick the community in order to steal their time. As people start depositing their time to the Bank, their life becomes dry and sad.

All social activities, art, imagination and sleeping are gone as they are considered time wasting. People realise that instead of saving, they lose time. She gets spotted and punished for her daring. That is, she has to become a good witch in one year.

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Heidi by Johanna Spiry is one of the most loved characters of all time. Born in the Swiss Alps, Heidi is an orphan who grows up with her morose grandpa. Back to the mountains, Clara learns how to walk without her wheel chair!


A book about friendship within and across generations and making the best of your circumstances, whatever they are! Now admittedly, you may need the English version of the story to sway to with this one. French 1. Jack goes to market to sell their cow, and comes back with cinco frijoles negros instead of cinco monedas de oro.

She has two selfish hermanastras and a mean madrastra.

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But luckily she also has a hada madrina But then the weather turns cold. A short, simple story with repetition, this originally appeared on our sister website, The Spanish Experiment. A modern adaptation of Chicken Little: Instead of an acorn falling on his head, Pollito Tito reads a scary headline on the internet, and runs off to warn everyone.

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